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Virtual Terminal


20$ Per Month


5¢ Per Transaction


Interchange + 0.25%


Accessible Everywhere


Debit and Credit transactions


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Accept payments even when your Clover device isn’t with you.

Secure System

We ensure your compliance with the PCI security standard and your protection with end-to-end encryption.

Peace Of Mind

No additional monthly fees. Transactions are billed at the rate entered.

 Clover Virtual Terminal

A Powerful Tool

Clover’s Virtual Terminal is perfect for invoicing your customers remotely. Simply log in to your web dashboard from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Recurring payments

With just a few clicks, it’s now easy to schedule a recurring payment on the Clover dashboard at no additional cost. Whether for monthly subscriptions or to stagger the payment of your customers.

Save time

It is possible to save the card of your regular customers in our Clover cloud in order to avoid asking for it with each transaction. Turn your computer or phone into a payment terminal.

Manage your business

Manage all incoming payments, in-store orders, mail orders or invoices from a simple dashboard.

Real time analytics

With inventory reports, you can analyze which items are making or losing the most money, then adjust your inventory accordingly to increase profits. Get notified when an item reaches the minimum quantity alert at each store so you can order ahead and avoid lost profits.


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Free Next Day Delivery

Once approved, your device will arrive the next business day.

One Year Guarantee

We guarantee the equipment for one year, covering any manufacturing defect.


Get peace of mind with a dedicated 24/7 support team ready to help.