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Max Security

Move/5000 and Desk/5000 terminals are PCI-PTS 5.x certified, and follow the latest hardware and software security requirements. Their Telium TETRA operating system (OS) uses the very latest cryptographic algorithms with scalable key length.

Accept All Payment Options

The Move/5000 and Desk/5000 terminals accept all forms of electronic payment from EMV chip and PIN cards, signature cards, magnetic stripe cards, signature capture and NFC/contactless payment.

User-friendly and intuitive

Equipped with powerful multimedia features and a large 3.5” touchscreen, the Move/5000 and Desk/5000 payment terminals offer the best user experience in their category thanks to an enriched interface.

Integrated features

With their optional camera or bar code reader, as well as their GPS tracking functionalities, the Move/5000 and Desk/5000 payment terminals offer different payment methods as well as an infinite range of possibilities for payment applications. innovative business.

Ingenico Move/5000

Boost your sales wherever you are with a variety of applications

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the Move/5000 terminal is ideal or the hospitality and retail industry as well as for small businesses, thanks to its ability to create a seamless mobile shopping experience.

Non-traditional payment methods

From traditional payments to those made by mobile wallets, the Move/5000 terminal takes care of it all. Move/5000 terminal payment hardware supports payment methods such as NFC, chip and PIN cards, signature swipe, contactless and more.

The best in security

The Move/5000 terminal is certified and fully compliant with
latest global and local PCI regulations. The Telium TETRA operating system is future-proofed with its high-end cryptography software and Ingenico’s world-class peer-to-peer encryption technology, which helps ensure data security .

Maximum network availability

Move/5000 terminal users will have strong Internet connections, even when on the go. Indeed, the terminal exploits a wide range of wireless connectivity options and automatic network switching between 4G/LTE, dual SIM, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi – all fully optimized so that the connection is always viable.

Optimal user experience

The Move/5000 terminal has a dynamic design and offers a
intuitive user interface, powerful multimedia capabilities and a large 3.5-inch color touchscreen, helping to create an optimized experience for customers. Its new ultra-responsive rubber control pad improves PIN entry for customers.

Ingenico Desk/5000

Open your business
to a myriad of business applications

The Desk/5000 meets the most demanding use cases, transforming the point of sale into a point of service capable of running interactive business applications on its large 3.5” touchscreen.

An ultra-versatile device

Create new customer experiences with your Ingenico Desk/5000 device by combining payment applications and advanced business applications in HTML5 with an intuitive touchscreen interface.

Payment security and creative freedom

Based on 30 years of experience, the operating system
TELIUM Tetra offered with your Desk/5000 is the perfect combination of Ingenico’s know-how in terms of payment and openness to the Web. It incorporates the best security mechanisms to protect the confidentiality of transactions while allowing the deployment of rich multimedia Web business applications.

Open ecosystem of HTML5 business applications

The Desk/5000 terminal combines a proven and secure operating system, specifically used for payment, coupled with the openness offered by HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. By running HTML5 applications securely directly on the smart device, merchants can deliver an enhanced customer experience while creating more value for their business.

Seamless NFC payment

The Desk/5000 terminal makes it possible to accept payments without contact in complete transparency by offering the customer a dedicated NFC card reader for faster transaction flows.

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